FAA Public Comments close on 1-29-18

The FAA is seeking comment on how it collects information in its over-flight studies (comments close TODAY). The FAA states that “..the purpose of this research is to conduct a nation-wide survey to update the scientific evidence of the relationship between aircraft noise exposure and its effects on communities around airports.” A key standard is a decibel-based standard of day night average noise (DNL). Many, many people believe that this metric is outdated for many reasons including because it does not take into account the concentration of flights due to NextGen/RNAV. Please comment TODAY and consider proposing the following from the Congressional Quiet Skies Caucus:

FAA's current metric for quantifying aviation noise exposure, Day-Night Average Sound Level (DNL), reflects mean noise levels and does not adequately capture the complete effects of noise on affected residents. FAA should take into account other variables, including the concentration of extended noise, the frequency of flights, air traffic from 10PM to 7AM and impacts of low-frequency noise. In addition, FAA should lower the current threshold from 65 to 55 DNL to reflect the fact that this standard, first established in the 1970's, is arbitrary and does not align with current health research and the lived experience of families in our congressional districts.

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