Update on Culver City's (and support of West Adams) lawsuit against the FAA.

Under the auspices of Attorney Stephen Murray, an attorney in Culver City who filed a lawsuit, West Adams for Quiet Skies filed an amicus brief in support of the Culver City lawsuit. All of the lawsuits for the flight path we are impacted by have been combined by order of the federal judge. The West Adams amicus brief, which raised additional issues beyond the Culver City’s legal arguments, brought in the issues of environmental and social justice and challenged the (meager) noise studies commissioned by the FAA. The judge accepted the West Adams amicus brief, which gives us a seat at the negotiating table (should negotiations begin again). The FAA responded to the brief and Culver City filings, challenging our legal assumptions. All of the plaintiffs as well as West Adams then filed a “reply brief” to the FAA, further arguing the environmental and social impacts. The judge accepted our “reply brief” which is significant.

Simultaneously we have been consulting with a noise expert to consider doing our own noise study, which would cost several thousand dollars. By doing our own noise study, we could then file an administrative challenge to the FAAs noise analysis. Once they reject our study it would give us further legal standing to file an additional, broader lawsuit. An unofficial preliminary noise study was conducted for a couple of weekends with rented equipment, which showed higher noise levels than is allowable by FAA standards pretty regularly. We are currently in discussions with various noise experts to contract for a larger scientific study to prepare for filing an administrative challenge to the FAA as part of our ongoing legal strategy.